July 24, 2013

A kata of steel and stillness...

The moon hung low and heavy in the morning sky, a silvery beacon amidst an inky expanse of darkness.  The wind moaned and howled like some distant wolf song across an arctic tundra, while the road stetched before me, a velvety darkness edged in white, dotted with the ocassional red tail light like winking eyes, as the tarmac raced and blurred beneath me.

I know why they often refer to a motorcyclist as a pilot, because it was if I was flying, cocooned in darkness, a part of teh world, yet alone, reflective, at peace.  Mindfulness and motion, a place of stillness as the world spins by, its turmoil, its pain, its confusion all fogotten for a time as it and I become one - a single mote that is an intrinsic part of all, and perspective, that precious gift, is regained anew.

Life is short.  Live.

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