March 28, 2013

And time goes by...

Well, it has definitely been a while, and more than a few milestones have passed by, but while I've popped small status updates on facebook pretty frequently I have been lamentably recalcitrent in updating this blog.

I've passed the 25,000 km mark a week or two ago, and will have been riding for a year come Monday, and I've been commuting into the city every day for quite some time now.  No major scares or incidents yet thankfully, but it pays to always be alert, aware, and cautious.  Defensive riding - something I will always strive to be better at...

Not a big update, but I do plan to be a bit more proactive in blogging again if I can.  :)

Keep on riding folks...


  1. 25K in a year is some pretty solid k's on a bike. Glad you're enjoying it and a belated welcome to the riding fraternity.

    1. Cheers, it has been a blast so far. :) Now at about 31,500k and that in about 13 months. Not long til I am off my LAMS restrictions now. :)