August 22, 2012

Street Legal

Well, time has flown by, and there have been a few milestones and achievements go past uncommented.  To summarise though, I'm making progress, and I'm still enjoying the bike immensely.

Some time back now I did the Stay Upraight Learner Roadcraft course.  It was a cold and wet Sunday, blustery with pretty steady rain.  It was also a fantastic day, and one that taught me quite a bit.  Slow riding work was valuable, and the emergency braking practice was really valuable.  In my learners we e-braked frmo about 25kph.  This time I was going at up to 80kph on a wet road in the rain.  I appreciate that ABS is not the be-all and end-all, and that folks can in fact use it as a crutch, but I'm still grateful my bike has it.

There was really only 2 negatives to that day all told, neither of which was a fault of the course at all.  The first was when I dropped the bike (stationary drop) in the car park before the course began.  That slow riding stuff, just a few hours too late.

The second negative; another flat tyre.  I must have picked up a nail just as I got home, because when I went back out to ride the bike a few days later I discovered a slow leak in the (500km old) rear tyre.  Bugger.

Since then I've been commuting more regularly by bike, and I've done my license course and lost my Ls.  That was heaps of fun as well, and pretty simple in the end.  So now I'm street legal and on the countdown to lose my LAMS restrictions.

Let the good times roll...


  1. You've lost your L's ... I read that wrong at first and thought you'd been a very naughty boy!

  2. LOL! Nah... Passed my license test is all, nothing norty. ;) very glad to be off teh L plate now though. Except of course it starts the speculation about upgrades once the LAMS restrictions are gone. ;)