June 17, 2012

New Tyre

Well, after my adventures on the Queen's Birthday I wasn't really too comfortable with my double-plugged rear tyre.  The fact that it was (slowly) losing air only really confirmed that discomfort, and it was time for a new rear tyre.

I had been going to get Bolton's to do it here in Kyneton, and organised to work Friday from home so I could get it seen to, but saw a providential post on NetRiders by MMMTS (Metro Mobile Motorcycle Tyre Service: https://www.facebook.com/MetroMobileMotorcycleTyreService) about having done a tyre at Lancefield. 

A quick message or three later and MMMTS were teed up to come sort my rear tyre for me, and sort it they did.  Top service, friendly, helpful, and I have a new rear tyre that should keep me motoring happily for quite some time.  Replaced the OEM Dunlop Sportsmax RoadSmarts with a Michelin P3 that by all accounts should give me good touring life with better grip and confidence than the Dunlops.

I've only really started to scrub it in - about 60kms worth yesterday (Saturday) so it really still needs a bit more working in, but already I'm pretty happy with it.  I started off pretty gingerly, and while I'll certainly still have wider chicken strips than my brothers I've had it leaning over quite a bit on Cobb and Co road, Chevelley's Lane and the Woodend-Tylden and Tylden-Kyneton Roads, all of which have some fun sweeping bends that I took probably as fast as I ever have without the tyre giving so much as a wobble.

A run in to work and back at some stage this week and she'll be well and truly ready for anything I think, and definitely up to scratch for my Stay Upright course weekend after next.  So I'm back on the road again, and happy to be there.  Now if I can just avoid any more nails for more than a couple of thousand kms please...

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